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The leading authority on gastrointestinal disease and conditions in Australia

Half our population complain of some digestive problem in any 12 month period.
We all know someone with heartburn, diarrhoea, an ulcer, irritable bowel or Crohn’s disease, colitis, or even bowel cancer. And the rates are increasing.
The key to preventing and even reversing these problems is to change our views on healthy eating and lifestyle. This does not mean boring hideous or stodgy special diets. Just healthy fresh food and watching our intake of sugars and fats, basically. The reward is good health and more energy. And you do feel better!
The Gut Foundation specialises in medical research to understand the causes of gut problems, better methods of prevention and treatment, and continually educating the public on the latest findings.

Bowel disease rates are increasing

Bowel cancer is the most common internal cancer in our community with mortality second only to lung cancer. In our focus of activities with gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons and epidemiologists, we have found that it affects about 1 in 20 people. Today.
These findings set the stage to encourage the prevention or early diagnosis by using screening tests and continued surveillance of those in high risk groups. Your doctor can tell you if you are in such a group.
No one likes to talk about bowel function or stools, possible signs or symptoms of digestive trouble, even to their doctor or partner. But the ever increasing rates of serious problems are forcing us to watch for and talk about anything unusual. And if trouble can be prevented, why not?

Digestive health is very important

Our educational and medical efforts focus on primary prevention with recommended dietary changes for all of us, from an early age, towards a diet with more natural fibre and less fats and sugars.
We strongly emphasise a diet with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals and delicious ways to prepare and enjoy them! What is there to lose? And you will gain better health, more energy and the bonus of fewer or no gut problems.

A new lifestyle and new attitudes - for our whole community

The Gut Foundation continually strives to change community attitudes about bowel diseases and diet.
Although bowel cancer, for example, is the second commonest cause of death from cancer, most cases are potentially preventable. Most bowel cancers develop from benign polyps. If these are removed, the cancer is largely preventable. So screening is really a good idea. This important message is the cornerstone for reducing deaths.
Children greatly benefit from The Gut Foundation too. Diarrhoea in children is a problem that can be devastating in western communities, and a major cause of death in developing countries. Milk allergy and intolerance is also an issue.
Inflammatory bowel disease [ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease], a contributor to ill health in teenagers and young adults, is also increasing. IBD may interfere with quality of life enjoyed by an individual now and create problems for pregnancy and good nutrition later.
Dyspepsia and heartburn are also common problems as well as a factor in time lost from work. Recognition of the role of the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori, in the development of gastric and duodenal ulcers has helped revolutionise the management of these problems.

About The Gut Foundation

The Gut Foundation was founded by the Gastroenterological Society of Australia in 1983.Our main interest is in primary prevention of disease through better nutrition.
The Gut Foundation is a not for profit organisation specialising in research and education of all aspects of gastrointestinal and digestive health, for both the public and fellow medical practitioners.