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Kristie (Crohn’s Disease)

Gut Foundation - Wednesday, May 11, 2016

IBD is individual and people can experience IBD in very difference ways. I was diagnosed almost two years ago with Crohn’s Disease. In many ways Crohn’s affects my life but it doesn’t control my life.

Because of Crohn’s (apostrophe or not – I’m not sure!) I have to take medications that I will need to be on for a long time. I’ve been moving up the pyramid of medications and I’m now on biologics. Being diagnosed with Crohn’s opened up a world I didn’t know much about. It’s a reality of medication management, lifestyle considerations, energy conservation and compromise.

For me, the most difficult part about Crohns is feeling isolated and that the people around you don’t understand how you feel. Saying “I’m tired” is lost in translation to the world of the healthy. Having people around for support even if they don’t fully know what it’s like and make an effort to empathise with how I’m feeling is very important to me.

Another saving grace is meeting with a support group every month with people who have been diagnosed with IBD. There is a whole new level you can go to when the people around you have lived it, they don’t care enough about you to be worried or upset by anything you say and you’re able to laugh in the face of this disease.

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