David's Story - Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I ‘m 39 years old and have been suffering with IBS for almost 15 years. The condition appeared not long after my father died at a time when I was getting stomach ulcers and stomach lining issues.

Unfortunately my symptoms have become more troublesome over recent years. I attribute this to the stress of life and a greater intolerance of certain foods and drink. I also suffer with mild anxiety which can often increase my symptoms tenfold.

I sit in the category of bloater, which means very gaseous side effects often giving me the appearance of a slim man who’s  heavily pregnant. It can be highly embarrassing and frustrating having to visit the toilet on countless times in a day suffering with diarrhea type symptoms which revert to constipation for no logical reason.

More people in my circle of friends are having IBS troubles so I don’t feel the need to hide the condition and I feel at ease talking about how it impacts my life.

I’m starting  to take action and be more militant in avoiding certain foods and drinks that aggravate my symptoms. I’ve also commenced  a practice of meditation to reduce stress.

The whole management of IBS can be a trying  process and sometimes I get lazy but I want the flat stomach, better night’s sleep, less toilet visits, less gas, and just feel more positive about my health and gut