Bowel Cancer Screening Project in Port Macquarie - a joint initiative between the Gut Foundation and the University of NSW Regional Medical School

A Bowel Cancer Screening Initiative is underway to evaluate the uptake of bowel cancer screening kits when offered by a GP compared to the mail out of kits by the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. The project is being conducted in the community of Port Macquarie in collaboration with the Rural Medical School. The project is involving 4 GP practices currently but we are looking to role out the project to further practices in the area.

So, why are we doing this project?

Bowel cancer is a major public health concern. In Australia in 2012 bowel cancer was the second most common cancer with 15,840 people diagnosed, and it is the second most common cause of cancer related death.

Effective health promotion and communication of a bowel cancer screening program is key to its success. We believe general practice is perfectly positioned to alleviate participation barriers. General practice can help influence a positive attitude towards preventative measures and be a powerful motivator, along with providing a support network.

Radio interview with Professor Bolin and Ray Hadley (2GB).” 

Deloitte Access Economics Analysis of the Cost-Effectiveness of Bowel Cancer Screening    (A report commissioned by The Gut Foundation 2011)

Cost-effectiveness of screening for bowel cancer Cost-effectiveness of screening for bowel cancer (645 KB)  

Further Evidence to lower the recommended screening age for Colorectal Cancer (Results from TGF Riverina Bowel Cancer Screening program)