President’s Annual Report

November 2014

We continue to direct our energies into prevention, education and nutrition, to improve the digestive health of all Australians. Our major research focus is on bowel cancer screening. We continue to seek funding and collaborations to further our research into malnutrition and malabsorption in the elderly and nutrition in children.

Port Macquarie project
We are working on ways to encourage more people to be tested, to prevent bowel cancer. To help achieve this we are undertaking a research project, in conjunction with the UNSW Regional Medical School in Port Macquarie. GP’s in the study will suggest a test to everyone over the age of 40, as part of their regular health checks (mammogram, cholesterol, prostrate etc). Our study will measure the difference this method of GP involvement will bring to testing rates compared to the usual mail out method, and ultimately lives saved from screening and early detection of bowel cancer.

Kellogg partnership
Our partnership with Kelloggs All Bran continues. Our logo and information is on the All Bran packs and we are working together on projects, to promote the benefits of a diet high in fibre.

Parliamentary Friendship groups
The Gut Foundation is now a Parliamentary Friendship group. We held a breakfast at Parliament House Canberra in March, to discuss bowel cancer prevention. John Singleton spoke about his efforts to reduce rates of bowel cancer and Cathy Harris spoke about her recovery from the disease. It was well attended by politicians including Joe Hockey and Barnaby Joyce.

CEO breakfast
The annual breakfast for Chief Executive Officers was hosted by Doltone House and was attended by approximately 60 CEO’s. The Q and A session conducted by Sally Loane with Tony Shepherd and Terry Bolin was very entertaining and informative. Gut Foundation Ambassador, Peter Tiffin, gave an account of his journey with diagnosis of and treatment of colon cancer. Guests were able to take a testing kit with them and our hope is that they have made use of it.

Rock N’Laughter night
The annual Rock and Laughter evening, organized by Tony Bennetts at the Bankstown Sports and Social Club was as usual great fun, a large number of entertainers donating their talent and time to help raise awareness of bowel cancer prevention and raise funds for The Gut Foundation.

NRL ‘Kick Bowel Cancer campaign’
The major awareness project this year has been a collaboration with the National Rugby League. The NRL joined forces with TGF, Cancer Council NSW and Bowel Cancer Australia launching the KickBowelCancer campaign. The success of this is being measured and to date over 7,000 people have participated in the survey to measure their risk of bowel cancer. This collaboration will continue into 2015.

Outrun Cancer Treadmill Marathon
A new event for The Gut Foundation, the Corporate Treadmill Marathon run in association with Outrun Cancer, was kicked off by the NRL’s Alan Tongue and Mario Fenech. Teams included Westpac, Macquarie Bank, Citibank, CBA, Kelloggs and AMEX. Outrun Cancer is headed by Luca Turrini and his aim is to raise awareness, share information and fund programmes to prevent cancer.

Our website continues to evolve with our Facebook and Twitter followers increasing daily. We continue to make available our current information publications in pdf format from the website as well as keeping a small number of hard copies. The newsletter has been launched in electronic format and is being produced quarterly. Our most popular book – Inflammatory Bowel Disease has finally been revised and is available through the website. The Constipation booklet is currently being updates with assistance from Boehringer. The MyStomachAche e-Recipe Book: Recipes for a happy and healthy tummy, an initiative also sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim is now available on the website.