• Bowel Cancer Screening Kits

    Bowel Cancer Screening Kits

    For as little as $10 (+ $5 postage and handling per kit), get your kit posted to you!

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    Every day 12 Australians die of bowel cancer.  It is the second most prolific cancer in Australia and kills as many women each year as breast cancer. The tragedy of the disease is that it is PREVENTABLE IF DETECTED EARLY.

    3 Easy Steps

    1. Order your kit below or collect one at your next doctor visit
    2. Collect sample in the privacy of your own home
    3. Post to the pathologist indicated on packaging or drop off at your doctors

    That's it! It's that simple!

    How does screening work?

    The screening kit is called a Faecal Occult Blood Test and it works by examining a small sample of your faeces (poo) for any traces of blood. This is because bowel cancer develops from polyps or nodules that can start to grow in your bowel and bleed occasionally. The blood is then contained in your faeces. 

    Blood can be found in your faeces for reasons other than bowel cancer so if your test is positive for blood your doctor will refer you to a specialist for a procedure called a colonoscopy. 

    A positive test result does not mean you have bowel cancer! 

    A colonoscopy involves the doctor using a tiny camera to examine your bowel and look for polyps. If there are any polyps present, the specialist (usually a gastroenterologist) will remove them during the colonoscopy. You should know that a colonoscopy is a very simple procedure.

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